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A Background Check can save a lot of time and grief

We conduct Background Checks and Due Diligence for a wide range of customer and for a variety of reasons. They can be Pre-Employment or Personal Checks to Full Due Diligence of large businesses.

Background Checks

With life becoming more and more complex it is important to know who and what you are dealing with. This could be regarding a personal relationship, maybe someone you have met on-line, or do you just want to find out more about a potential employee before you hire them.

We have all read the stories in the papers about people who have been conned. The Nigerian scammer or the high-up Government employee who on the way to meet her partner, that she met online, for the first time was convinced to stop in South America to pick up a briefcase/suitcase, she subsequently got arrested for drug trafficking. She didn’t need to end up spending years in a South American jail.

A Credit Check or Pre-Marital check can also save someone a lot of time, money and grief. It can often be a matter of just knowing the facts and then being able to put the appropriate measures in place that can save an individual a lot of money. It can be as simple as using the knowledge gained to ensure that a property purchase is put in Family Trust so that a partner and his/her children are protected should things go wrong.

Due Diligence

Due Diligence can involve the financial and forensic side, of which we work with experts, but can also involve checking if a company holds the assets that it says it does, does it deal with the customers it claims it does, are the annual sales likely to be what is claimed in the books.

On the flip side we have had businesses come to us saying that they have been approached out of the blue by this potential buyer. The questions we get asked can be, who are they? Do they have the money they say they do? and are the for-real? What history do they have? An owner who has put years of blood and sweet into a business that they love and that the staff love doesn’t want to see a new owner come in and strip the business and sell parts off or close parts down. Due Diligence on a prospective purchaser can save things lie this happening.

Cross over

There is often a cross-over between Background Checks and Due Diligence. Things like Asset Searches, Property Searches can fall into both areas. Asset and Property Searches can be for individuals, matrimonial or family matters plus they are often used to decided what is owned by whom. Asset & Property Checks are often used to establish whether pursuing litigation is financially viable.

Pre-Employment & Reference Checking

Many a poor recruitment decision is made due to the recruiter or company not having completed sufficient due diligence on a candidate. Thorough reference checking can find the holes in an embellished CV. The cost of re-advertising and refilling a role id far greater than spending a little time and money in doing thorough checks on a candidate.

Police Checks & Credit Checks

We do both Police Checks and Credit Checks – both require a signed authority from the applicant.

Should you not have written authority to do a check there are other tools that we can use to get a ‘view’ on the on the applicant.

Should you have any Doubts, Suspicions or just want Peace of Mind give us a call to see if we can help you.

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