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Dodgy Electricians Fined

A couple of years ago I started investigating an electrician. His M. O. was familiar, but I could not place the name. Then it clicked. He had a couple of aliases.

Naveen Kumaran, aka Francis Kumar, did electrical work for people. Often getting paid up front, starting a job, and then not making it back to finish it. Kumar/Kumaran is a bankrupt. He should not be running his own business. His other problem is that he is not a registered electrician. It is illegal to claim to be an electrician and Kumaran had already been found guilty of this offence in 2016.

Kumaran had been engaged to do some electrical repairs for my client. My client paid up front. Kumaran did a part job one day and never came back. When I figured out who Kumaran was, we went to MBIE. I know MBIE had investigated him previously. MBIE was having trouble getting the go ahead to investigate. Kumaran told then that he was on a benefit and was not working. I took some photos of Kumaran van full of electrical equipment and provided these to MBIE. Then they were up and running.

It was nice to receive a phone call on Friday from MBIE advising that Kumaran had been found guilty for a second time of carrying out unauthorised prescribed electrical work.

Now we can work on the client getting his money back. Unfortunately, MBIE’s powers do not cover private debt recovery.

The scary thing is that MBIE cannot stop Kumaran attempting to work as an electrician. This unqualified, unregistered electrician could kill someone before he stops.


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