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What is a Re-Entry

A Re-Entry is where you Re-enter your commercial premises. There can be a number of reasons that can lead to a Re-Entry, the most common are non-payment of lease, breach of lease or covenants and expiration of lease.

Prior to a Re-Entry the landlord needs to seek legal advice. A Notice of Intention to Cancel Lease needs to be served on the tenant. This Notice is usually written up by your lawyer and we can serve this notice for you. Should you need legal advice please get in touch with us as we deal with a number of reputable law firms throughout the country and we would be happy to refer one to you.

If the tenant hasn’t complied with the initial notice your lawyer can issue a Cancellation of Lease Notice and if necessary, a Notice of Re-Entry. On some occasions they will go to court for an Order for Possession.

Whatever process your lawyer takes they need to do it correctly to avoid repercussions.

What we do

Once we are happy that the Lease has been cancelled lawfully, we will Re-Enter the premises. Before going in we contact the local police to advise them what we are doing and why we are doing it. A re-entry usually involves going to the premises after hours with a locksmith and if necessary, an alarm technician. We change all the external locks, we affix a notice of re-entry to the inside of the door, we do a stocktake and take photo’s/video of the plant and stock. Sometimes we are required to trespass the tenants.

Why do we take photos?

We recently did a re-entry at a café. We re-entered the premises a 6am, before the café opened, at 23:10 of the same day the tenant broke into the café to remove some plant, equipment and stock. As we have before and after photo’s we can prove to the Police what has been taken and this is likely to result in a prosecution. The stupid thing here is that it had already been agreed that the tenant can remove his plant, equipment and stock.

What is the advantage of using us

We have seen numerous cases where landlords have spent a long time waiting or hoping that the tenant will remedy the breach or pay the rent arrears. Thousands of dollars in rent can be missed by taking too long to act thereby missing the opportunity to get new tenants on board.

A Re-Entry is a quick way to get control back of your premises.

Should you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact Mike on

0274 789801 or mike@aucklandinvestigations.co.nz

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