With agents in Auckland and throughout New Zealand we offer a nationwide service. We serve Legal Letters, Statutory Demand, Court Papers, Family Court Documents, Dissolution of Marriage, Trespass Notices, Protection Orders, Notice of Intention to Cancel Lease plus more.
Auckland Standard Service is $120.00 + GST.
Outside of Auckland is $170.00 + GST.

Tracing - Basic Trace $150.00 + GST

             - Comprehensive Trace $350.00 + GST

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We do Surveillance. Do you suspect that your husband, wife or partner might be up to no good? Are employees stealing time? Do you want to find out what is happening at work when you are away?  Get in touch with us to get the answers that you need. 


$75.00 + GST per hour

Plus expenses


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Are your tenants not paying the lease? Are you struggling to get them out? If you have gone through the legal process we can Re-Enter the premises, change the locks and get you back in control of your property.

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$120.00 + GST per hour

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Do you have a car or consumer goods that needs repossessing? We are licensed Repossession Agents. For a fast and efficient service contact us today. 

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$250.00 + GST 

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Do you have an errant team member? Are staff stealing hours? Do you require a background check? Is stock going missing? Do you suspect employees are on drugs?  Do you have another concern?

Give us a call to find out more.

$120.00 + GST per hour

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Are Debtors not paying?

Sick of getting the run-around?   

There are a number of tools that we can use to help you get the money that is owed to you.

We have a number of Stat Demands to serve once the lockdown is over

The squeaky wheel get the oil

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We have our own Meth Testing business - MethTec.  All of our testers are certified and Mike, the Director, is on the committee of the Meth Testing Industry Association. Should you be a Landlord or Purchasing a new home you should get the property tested. a Either go to our Contact Pages or visit www.methtec.co.nz too find out more.


We have our own Workplace Drug Testing business - DrugTec. All of our testers are NZQA 25458 & 25511 Qualified. If you want to ensure your workforce is fit for work get in touch with us today.   www.drugtec.co.nz


Are you struggling to find the person that you need to serve documents on? Are you looking for a long lost family member? 

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Due Diligence, Asset Checking, Property Searches, Employment and Qualification Checks. We also do Reference Checking.


We are doing an increasing number 'character' and 'due diligence' checks on people who have found someone online. 

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