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At Auckland Investigations we have a vast experience in a variety of Investigations. With Health and Safety becoming an important factor for business we are finding a large increase in management wanting to reduce risk of H&S incidence so we have been doing more and more audits, site observations and providing risk analysis. 

Our Investigations are not limited to H&S work. We do a large variety of work. This can involve Background Checks, Drug Testing, Theft Investigations, Workplace Theft (including staff theft and theft of time), Employment Matters, Real Estate Agent Investigations and more.       


Surveillance is usually conducted to establish what an individual or a group are doing. This can be an Infidelity Investigation including Surveillance or a Workplace or Employee Surveillance. 

Surveillance involves us following the target(s), observing there actions and then we report back to you with a timeline of events, photo's and any additional evidence gathered. 

Surveillance can give you the proof that you need so that you can make evidence-based decisions on the best way to move forward. 


Investigations - $150.00 + GST plus expenses

Surveillance -     $90.00 + GST per agent                                                  plus expenses and mileage